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The real estate business is competitive. What can you do to make a difference for your home sellers that makes them want to refer you to other sellers? Make yourself a valuable asset to home sellers when it comes to all of the work involved with selling a home and they’ll beat a path to your door. The real estate agent who can assist them with getting all of the tasks and odd jobs required to prepare a home for market done is the one likely to stand out in their minds when talking to their friends and neighbors about selling a home. Here’s a list of tasks that home sellers could use some help with finding contractors or workers to make the home selling process stress-free. After all, a relaxed home seller is a happy home seller:

Home Selling Tasks

  • Cleaning out the clutter
  • Junk and debris removal
  • House cleaning
  • Floor refinishing
  • Painting and home repairs
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Grooming the lawn
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Weeding and lawn clipping removal
  • Staging the home for sale
  • Boxing up household items
  • Moving items into storage
  • Lifting and moving items, boxes and furniture onto a moving truck
  • Lifting and moving items, boxes and furniture into the new home
  • Painting, repairs and home improvement at their new home

How to Find Economical Help with Home Selling Tasks

Money is usually tight when selling a home. With all of the expenses associated with moving and home selling, most home sellers need to keep home selling odd jobs and tasks’ costs as low as possible. Here’s why telling them about the Azzida mobile app is a recommendation they’ll appreciate. With the Azzida mobile app, home sellers can name their own price for the jobs they want done, schedule the date and get home selling tasks done!

How it Works

Post a Job on Azzida with just a few clicks!

You can refer your home sellers to the Azzida mobile app through the Apple App Store or Google Play or just tell them to visit www.Azzida.com for links to download the app. Once they’ve installed the app, they can simply add the details and a photo of their job or task and post it to the Azzida job feed. Then they can select from job performers in the local community available to work as soon as today!

The Azzida Difference

The difference between Azzida and the other methods of finding help with odd jobs, tasks and day labor is that with Azzida, the Job Poster sets the rate, NOT the contractor. With Azzida you simply describe your job or task, set the price and pick the date for work to get done. No more paying contractor rates, placing classified ads that never get a response, or worrying whether or not the performer will show up. With Azzida, everything is handled directly through the app including in-app communication, secure payments and reputation tracking.

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