moving day

Let’s face it, moving is a tough job. Trying to do it on all on your own can make even the most stoic and fit among us stressed-out, sore and exhausted, even injured. Professional moving companies are expensive and getting one you need in the busy season on the days and times you need them can be a scheduling nightmare.

If you have an upcoming move, and you need some help with boxing, lifting, hauling and all of the strenuous, time-consuming parts of the home moving process, you can now get the help you need at a price that makes sense. With the Azzida mobile app, you can describe your task, name your price and set the date. Then select from workers available in your local community who can provide you with the muscle and extra pair of hands you need to make moving day less stressful.

Get the help you need on moving day with Azzida. Job performers are available as soon as today to help you with your home buying, selling or apartment move. The Azzida mobile app features intelligent calendaring, location mapping, in-app communication, secure payment and reputation tracking. Post a job in just a few clicks and then simply select the worker(s) you need. No more scouring the classifieds, posting jobs on random websites and job performers who don’t show up when you need them. Azzida is the new, better way to get stuff done.

If you’re planning a move, download the Azzida mobile app today and Start Getting Stuff Done! Available in your App Store and on Google Play.

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