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Add a photo image of the work to your Azzida Job Post

Posting a job or task on the Azzida mobile app is the new, great way to get stuff done. Whether it’s household tasks, washing your car, setting up for an event, pet sitting, dog walking, gardening, yard work, installation, painting a room, furniture assembly or any other job you need to get done, here are some simple tips for attracting the help you need.

  • Add photo images of your job to your Job Post
    Photo images give potential Azzida Job Performers a good idea of the type and level of effort required for your job. To add a photo to your job post, from the add or edit Job Post screen, click the “+” icon next the camera image at the top of the form, then select a photo or image from your mobile device.  
  • Price it right
    The advantage of using the Azzida mobile is that YOU determine how much you’ll pay for the job you want done. With Azzida, determining a price is up to you, but a couple of things to consider are 1) how long will the job take to complete and 2) does the job require any specialized knowledge or skill. For special projects, or if you’ve never performed the job you’re posting yourself, and you have no idea what the job should cost, ask colleagues or friends or ask online.
Include a detailed description of the job
  • Be descriptive
    Adding a description of the job, including whether tools or materials are supplied, gives Azzida Job Performers a better idea of what the task requires. You’re more likely to get applications for the work if you provide a summary of the work requirements adding as many details as possible. Learn more…
Access the Azzida “Chat” feature by clicking the chat icon in the top right hand corner of the details page.
  • Communicate
    Once you have accepted a Job Performer for your task, be sure to communicate with them using the Azzida chat feature. Arrange for a time for the job to be done and let them know if there are any special requirements for the job. To use the Azzida chat feature, from the “My Profile” screen, select “My Listings”, then select your Job Post to view the details. At the top right hand corner of the screen, click the “Chat” icon. Enter your message and click the arrow button to send. Your Azzida Job Performer will be notified and can respond to your message.
Rate your Azzida Job Performer and acknowledge job completion
  • Confirm Completion and Rate Your Job Performer
    Once your job is completed, your Azzida Job Performer will mark the job complete. You will then need to acknowledge job completion to release the job payment. To mark a job complete, go to your “My Profile” page and select “My Listings”, then select the job to view the job details. Click the “Confirm Completion” button. On the following screen, rate your Job Performer’s work by selecting the stars (1-5) and then click the “Done” button to release the job payment. You may add a tip for the Job Performer at your option. 

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