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Azzida is your community marketplace for odd jobs, unskilled gigs, and day labor

Home services and repairs
Home Maintenance & Repairs

Everyone needs help from time to time with odd jobs and small tasks around the home. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a little extra muscle or talent. Azzida is a platform for connecting people who just need an extra pair of hands with fellow members of the community who have the work ethic and motivation to perform services that they enjoy doing well.

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Dog washer
Pet Care

Azzida’s mobile app makes getting odd jobs done a lot easier. With Azzida, it’s as easy as 1-2-3: 1) describe your job, 2) set a date, and 3) name your price. Why waste time and money placing classified ads, scouring neighborhood websites, scheduling meetings with contractors, reviewing bids, and enduring scheduling delays? As a Job Poster you can describe what you want done, schedule a date that works for you, and set an amount you’re willing to pay.

Everything Done, From A-Z!

Professional Shopper

As a Job Performer, there’s no paying for leads that don’t pan out, wasting time preparing estimates or bidding down your services to compete for jobs. With Azzida’s mobile app, you can search the real-time job feed for a wide variety of jobs immediately available in your area and earn money in ways suited to your time and talents; maybe even start or grow a small local business!

Get the help you need or do the thing you love

Maybe you help a college student home on vacation with earning money for their education. Perhaps you help an elderly widower or empty nester take care of their home’s maintenance chores now that such tasks have become a burden. You might even provide a returning veteran or recently laid off neighbor with a little extra income while they look for permanent employment. Or, you could teach someone to dance, sing or play an instrument; making a friend for life in the process.


With Azzida, you’re fostering a sense of community, bringing neighbors and neighborhoods closer together while improving lives – including your own. It’s often heard that technology separates us from one another. At Azzida, we believe it can also be a way to bring people closer together.

Happy Odd Jobbing!

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has breathed easier 
because you lived here. 
This is to have succeeded.
 - R.W. Emerson