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How It Works

Name it, Price it, Post it, Get it Done!

Post a Job in 3-Clicks

1. Add a post describing something you'd like to get done.

2. Review applicants who have applied to do the work for the price and on the date you've requested.

3. Choose your favorite applicant and securely deposit funds to be paid when the work is completed.

4. Get what you needed done!

5. Once you acknowledge the work has been completed, payment is securely transfered through the mobile app, so there's no need for money to exchange hands (and you can maintain social distancing).

Apply for a Job in 1-Click

1. Scroll the jobs feed to find nearby work you're interested in doing.

2. Apply for the post based on the job payment amount and date you're available.

3. Once accepted, confirm your availability.

4. Complete the work and build your reputation for getting things done.

5. Get paid right away through the mobile app!

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azzida odd jobs


Need a little help with odd jobs, unskilled gigs or day labor? Sometimes, all you need is a helper, a little extra muscle, or some talent. Azzida is a platform for connecting people who just need an extra pair of hands with fellow members of the local community who have the work ethic and motivation to perform services that they enjoy doing well.  Learn more about Azzida...

We are from Richmond, VA and we have a passion for getting things done!  

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